A Letter From Our CEO

Self SEO was born out of necessity.

As a marketing agency in Los Angeles, we were regularly forced to turn away smaller businesses who wanted to work with us, but simply could not afford our rates.

After enduring this problem for a number of years, we finally arrived at a solution: a “DIY” platform which provides companies with the strategical marketing data they need, along with the instructions on how to implement them. In other words, a tool which will hold business owners by the hand and guide them along the often confusing and complex world of SEO to ensure they succeed in their digital marketing efforts.

Let’s face it: hiring marketing personnel — whether in-house or agency — is not sustainable for many small businesses. Nor is it practical to expect non-experts to buy SEO software and take on the burden of understanding and implementing the data. There had to be a better way…

…And we truly believe this is it!

— Sebastian Hovv

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